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Learning by Languages offers numerous tools to support operators in implementing the method: management and pedagogical guidelines, standards, monitoring and evaluation instruments.

The client has the opportunity to select the products and services which best meet their needs and the characteristics of the requested service in order to meet the specific needs.



Our staff offers personalised consultancies to private subjects and public bodies, which are involved in the construction of educational buildings (architectural requirements, furnishings and quality standards), the organization and management of school procedures, the educational curriculum and the implementation of the method.

Our staff identifies the client’s needs and develops a specific path, accompanying them along the entire process, through an initial analysis, support during the implementation and a monitoring system.

what we do

Learning by Languages Educational Services Design

Build your school with us!

Our team provides guidance and consultancy for the design or renovation of Early Childhood Education services: from the engineering standards and architectural requirements in terms of functional and technical performance as also the attention to sustainability, from suggestions on spatial, sensory and soft qualities, including furnishings and equipment. As also to the management of staff, security requirements and curriculum implementation. Our challenge in the design process is the construction of spaces and environments for childhood in which functional and aesthetic identities represent and support the pedagogical values and an image of a competent child.

Learning by Languages Management Assistance

Manage your school at its best with us!

Our team will give assistance in the management of your educational services by providing operational procedures and organisational advice. To support in achieving desired quality objectives and performance results, out team will follow all the processes and activities: this means defining customised activities, operating practices, and tools in relation to the method, combining the various theoretical and practical dimensions as best required. Our team will support the planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of all the management procedures, ensuring greater efficiency and high quality standards.

Learning by Languages monitoring and evaluation system

Acquire an evaluation system for your school!

The Learning by Languages method has its own Monitoring and Evaluation system to support the development of excellent educational services.

By monitoring, we mean the ongoing and systematic collection of quantitative and qualitative data to support the constant analysis and revision of service quality, based on predefined quality standards, indicators and benchmarks, shared among operators and families.

By assessment, we mean the systematic analysis and revision of the efficiency of an intervention or an educational project, with specific reference to planning, implementation and outcome.

Assessment and monitoring processes in the Learning by Languages method shine a light on the strengths and weaknesses of the education service, activating processes of change.

Learning by Languages Compliance Process

Learn and apply the method in your school!

Our Learning by Languages consultants will guide the entire educational service staff in the acquisition of the method. Educators will acquire a systemic and holistic vision of the educational action they undertake every day, which includes their own relational, planning, observational, documentarian, organisational attitude and the care of spaces. The process of compliance with the method is designed to encourage gradual and immersive learning by each professional (educator/teacher/pedagogist/auxiliaries).

The Compliance process include:

· the analysis of the elements to be customised in line with local characteristics and legislation;
· a Training packaging, through theoretical meetings, in presence and online training courses, pedagogical consulting and supervision, learning assessment tools and job shadowing to acquire the method;
· a branded web platform containing theoretical manuals, guidelines and tools, that allows schools to be on the net, aimed at verifying the positioning of the service in relation to the quality standards and to communicate and share information with families;
· technical support for the actualisation of the method;
· a monitoring and evaluation system to verify the achieving of the standards in all dimensions of quality.

At the end of the compliance process you will get the license to use the brand.


Our consultants are able to assist Bodies, Institutions, Foundations and Public Administrations in the definition and qualification of educational policies in the various territories.

Learning by Languages makes use of forty years of experience in collaboration with institutions in the management and planning of responses to the educational needs of the various regions in Italy and abroad. We are able to establish partnerships, qualify and implement institutional relationships, analyse and answer to the emerging needs of the territories with innovative and contextualised responses.

Making know-how and skills available to the institutions is our mission, for the building of a common culture of childhood and educational policies capable of promoting quality services for children and families.

what we do

Training paths

We develop training courses for the qualification of the skills of professionals who work for organizations and institutions, providing assessment and coaching tools for the development of professional skills.

Definition of standards

We are able to offer a benchmark on quality standards as a reference for the qualification of the different dimensions that characterize the provision of educational services.

Monitoring and assessment systems for the quality of services

We offer a system of indicators and parameters that allow the evaluation of the quality of services, declining them with legislative indications and local standards.

Promotion of international exchanges and experiences

We offer the possibility of training internships, exchanges of experiences, international study visits, to enrich the skills on the educational policies of your territory.


The Learning by Languages team offers training courses on the method or on specific topics related to educational research and innovation for teachers, educators, experts in pedagogy, school managers and training professionals.

Depending on your needs, the courses may be customised. They can have a short, medium or long-term duration and they can be held online or in person, in Italy or in your Country.

what we do

Learning by Languages
Training courses

Approach the Method and its characteristics. You can choose a basic level or one in greater depth.

Professional Social Learning

Discover how to use the platform and its opportunities for teachers’ self-assessment and identification of training needs of your staff.

Ecological thinking
in Early Childhood

A course to learn tools, strategies, didactic activities and learning environments to favour the development of ecological thinking from 0 to 6 years.

Bilingual education
in Early Childhood

Discover our way of bringing children closer to English and our bilingual and multilingual learning approach.

“Material World”
Training Course

Discover the learning opportunities and the pedagogical value of using non-formal materials in nurseries and preschools.



Learning environment for STEAM education

i-vulcani is a Learning by Languages learning space that favors STEAM learning for children aged between 3 to 8, through scientific processing, observation, and the study of the infinite states of transformation of matter, as well as the principles of coding and robotics.

i-vulcani is a world of exploration in three dimensions: developed on three vertical levels, it allows you to study scientific phenomena from different points of view and angles, through an open, flexible and unscheduled approach, driven to develop scientific knowledge and environmental education in relation to expressive languages. It integrates different innovative technologies, which allow an immersive and perceptive learning experience using lights, colors, smells, aromas, sounds, music and much more.

A projector is located in the upper part of the structure, which can be connected to a tablet or PC and digital microscope, increasing the possibility of sharing images and participation.  Mounted on wheels, it can be transported to different areas of the school. Each piece is built entirely of birch wood, with shelves equipped for STEM and containers for storing the material. i-vulcani can also be integrated with many additional STEM supports and kits, and is a truly unique support plan for scientific observation.

With the purchase of i-vulcani, introductory training is included,
while more specific training for its implementation may be requested and quoted separately.

what we do


In the Learning by Languages method the atelier serves as a workshop, a space where children can work on developing their cognitive and expressive potential in its various forms. It is a place where languages can be developed and refined through group work, and where children develop a deeper and fuller sense of the events and phenomena around them. In the atelier, there are various tools for expanding and improving the communicative and expressive capacity of the children.

Our staff propose training courses and consultancy on the quality of the atelier and the role of the atelierista, we also help you to organise space and materials and can provide you with a package of activities.

what we do

Set up an atelier space in your school

Set up an atelier space in your school

Our specialists and our atelieriste will work with you to identify spaces, equipment, furniture and materials to set up an atelier in your school and multiply the expressive possibilities of your children.

Atelier and expressive languages
Training Course

Discover how to integrate the atelier in your didactic curriculum, the role of the atelierista, how to set up the contexts and the tools to observe the development of expressive languages in Early Childhood.

Contact us to learn more.

Atelier aperto - Creative workshop

Organise a creative workshop in your school

AtelierAperto is an innovative laboratory which can be designed and realised in your local reality, to encourage the development of expressive languages and creativity in children from 12 months to 10 years and their families. AtelierAperto is designed as a “creative workshop”, capable of generating opportunities to experiment a plurality of materials and artistic techniques through play and active exploration, that simultaneously activate the hands, thoughts and emotions of those included.

You will get information and consultancy about educational activities, equipment, materials, tools, spaces and contexts necessary to implement the workshop.

You can choose from different types of workshops, each of which allows you to explore a specific topic:

FOOD ATELIER is an opportunity to develop an in-depth study on food in a playful and enjoyable way. The discovery of fruit, vegetables and seasonality is proposed by way of a multi-sensory approach that allows children and adults to discover physical transformation, chromatic variation, change, smells and perfumes.

GREEN ATELIER designed to educate concepts of sustainability and to promote ecological thinking.  This atelier proposes a scientific approach to explore plant life, insects and the natural phenomena, observing changes and transformations.

TECHNOLOGY ATELIER offers an approach to science that leads to observe the physical phenomena related to light and to investigate objects through different digital and analog tools. The light and the digital language together develop relationships of play and new forms of representation and storytelling.


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