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The method is owned by Coopselios and is operated by Progettare 0-6 Ltd.

Coopselios is one of the main Italian company specialised in personal care services, and it is one of the leading non-profit organisations in Italy and abroad in the Early Childhood Educational sector: It offers to public institutions and private citizens advanced solutions to meet their social, welfare, educational and healthcare needs.

Coopselios’s Socio-Educational Sector is aimed to promoting a culture of childhood which consider the right and the potentiality of children and their families.

Established in Reggio Emilia in 1984, the cooperative offers its services in 8 Italian regions, to 2500 children in 100 educational services. The Socio-Educational sector of Coopselios employes 1.000 people, including pedagogists, educators, atelieristas, psychologists, specialists, and senior consultants for research, training and innovation projects.

The Progettare Zerosei company has operated for over ten years in the education sector, specialised in designing, certifying, developing, and managing pedagogical activities, as well as in delivering technical assistance and training to both public and private education providers. Our goal is that of creating high-quality educational services.

Learning By Languages
Technical committee

Director of Innovation and Development

Sabrina Bonaccini

Sabrina Bonaccini has been dealing with design, training, innovation and research in education level for more than 30 years, participating in national and international conferences and research projects.

She partecipated in the fondation of the Learning by Languages Method. She directs the policy and innovation lines of the method. She coordinates the international scientific network, identifies and supervises all the pedagogical research and edits the Learning by Languages publications.

Senior Consultants

Pedagogists experienced in the Method and specialised in different topics. They are responsible of training for teachers and educators, collaborate in research activities, supervise, and support the implementation of the Method in the educational services around the world.

Special needs Consultant

Psychologists and psychotherapists responsible for developing tools and training contents for the inclusion of children with special needs.

Maria Tranquilli

Chief Marketing Officer

Andrea Pagano

International Project Manager

Chiara Cota

The Atelierista

The Atelierista is a specialist with an artistic background who supports the development of expressive, artistic, and poetic languages, as such helping children gaining knowledge of the world, holding together rationality and imagination, science and expressiveness.

Sara Cavallini

Elena Canevazzi

Credits and Partnership

Learning by Languages®
Design and consulting for early childhood education services.
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Cooperativa Sociale Coopselios, Società Cooperativa.
VAT: 01164310359
Registered office: Via Antonio Gramsci 54/s
42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) – Italy

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